Jessica's full length manuscript, You're Lucky to Get Touched at All, was a finalist for Trio House Press's 2018 Louise Bogan Award and the Sibling Rivalry 2018 open reading period. The chapbook version of You’re Lucky to Get Touched at All was a finalist for the 2018 Two Sylvias chapbook prize. Her chapbook, Power Plays, was a finalist for the 2016 Iron Horse Literary Review Chapbook Competition, a semi-finalist for the spring 2017 Black Lawrence Press Black River Chapbook Competition, and a finalist for the 2018-19 Glass Chapbook Series. 


Forthcoming in:

Heavy Feather Review, The North American Review, and RHINO Poetry.


Pacifica Review - Kissing Against Solipsism

The Rupture (FKA The Collagist) - Who Cares About Causality

Berfrois - Who Cares About Consent, The Passage



Maudlin House - Failed Prodigal

Epigraph - Summoning Mania, I’ll Sleep When I’m Alive

Fugue - To the Estate of

apt - How Long Until

New South - Abecedarian for Self-Care and Wellness

Cotton Xenomorph - On My Deathbed

Sundog Lit - Letters from Our Future Selves, Climate Adaptation Planning

The Boiler - To Quantify Exposure, Exercises in Futility

Anti-Heroin Chic - The Dangers of Boredom

Rogue Agent - To My Emotions,

Tinderbox - Honest, Microclimates

Prairie Schooner - Excerpt: Sandy's Diary

Sycamore Review - Irresistible

Barzakh Magazine - A Burn a Burn, Medusa's Snakes Simper All at Once, Alleged Pedophile Rode His Horse into the Polls, I Came to Explore the Wreck

Vinyl Poetry - Serfdom is a Shadow's Versatility 

Stirring Lit - Thirst Trap

Prism Review - Promise to Recede (winner of the 2018 Prism Review Poetry Contest)

Tammy - Almost Too Personal Details About Her, The Interns are Sweet Sensitive Boys (print)

Hobart - Glossary of Coping Mechanisms

Lunch - Prophylactic Routine

Barrelhouse's online POP Love! feature - Head / Heart, Our Garden of Spoiler Alerts Flourishes

Pretty Owl PoetryBad Love Grammar



Dialogist - Exit Interview

Menacing Hedge - Salt Already She Melts in the Rain; Refusing the Transmission, In for the Evening (Salt Already nominated for the 2018 Best of the Net)

Curious Specimens Anthology (Sundress Publications) - [words of affirmation], [acts of service]

Permafrost - The Control Sample is Gaslit, Headcase Economics, [quality time]

Prism Review - Hidden Man Beneath the Blue Room, How to Sleep Through Three Weekends in a Row, [acts of service], Orb Weaver

Ghost Proposal - As Addictive as Sugar & My Own Sadness, Forward, We Attempt to Divest Ourselves of Linear Temporality in Grand Isle Louisiana, Rubberneck Diorama

Passages North - Teachers Tell Me that from Far (nominated for 2017 Best of the Net)



The Academy of American PoetsYour Title Could Be Doing a Lot More (also in print in Ellipses)

Pleiades - I Am Bikini Atoll 

Iron Horse Literary Review - Uncle Sam's Shadow Rattles Change (print - issue 18.6)

Juked - Whatever Tape You Found in That VCR, It Isn’t Mine

Whiskey Island - Suppose Loneliness (print)

Apogee Journal - Mad Girl Blows the Very Male Sun, Hey Scully, Is This Boyish Display of Agility Turning You On at All?, Relax, and That’s an Order

The Pinch - If I Had (print, 2016 Best New Poets nomination)

scissors & spackle - Authority, Mediation (print)

Dirty Chai - Turn Down for What(ever)

Cleaver - Inheritance

Vinyl Poetry & Prose - [gifts], Wherein I Make a Reliable Bloodsnack

decomP - Wax/Wane

Yes, Poetry - “Something Tidal” and “The Truth is Out There Mulder, but So Are the Lies” (+ interview)

The Fem - Here to Be Taken Advantage of, Dirt Heart



The Boiler Journal - Wine Dark Sea, Interval

noble / gas qtrly - Two Narrative Constructs Navigate a Conflict of Interests

Apeiron Review - Irony Sleeps Hot, One Leg Out (p. 43)

The Meadow - Turn, Turn

Shuf Poetry - Intention Setting

Superstition Review High-Risk Behaviors

Crack the Spine - On Colorblindness in Cephalopods

Sweet: A Literary Confection - Landfall



The North American Review - Taste (print)



Ilk Journal - Snap(shot/judgment), Epithalamium

Vinyl Poetry - Mediation, Letter Home

The Buddhist Poetry Review - Spoils (of)

Cleaver Magazine - Once Again, Different Now, Moratorium



Cordite - Upstream

The Literary Bohemian - Gift of Nous